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For more than ten years we have helped craft comfortable, elegant and timeless interiors for homes in the Greater Boston area and beyond. Our complete design services range from consulting on construction and renovation design details and finishes to picking the right hand towels for a finished bathroom and everything in between.

We work closely and collaboratively with you to craft a home that feels like the best version of your taste and way of living. It’s a deeply personal endeavor and one that we always feel honored to be a part of. To find out more about this service please fill out the questionnaire below or email



We’ve had such amazing success working with clients all over the country using virtual design. 

Once you’ve filled out the questionnaire and submitted your photographs and plans, we’ll work on design boards and layouts that we’ll e-mail to you for review. We’ll also mail you samples, which you can try in your home to make sure that everything we pick is exactly right and as you imagined. 

Please note, we are no longer offering the service package formerly known as “e-design.” Moving forward, all design work will be billed at an hourly rate. Based on project scope, a rough estimate of design hours can be provided prior to project kick off, with the understanding that our work is based on mutual trust and the client’s decisiveness. 




By answering the questions below and including detailed information and images of your spaces we can more carefully and accurately schedule and quote your job! We’ve included links and guides in the sidebar to help you be most accurate.

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    Full Interior

    Amazing in Every Way

    “I have been working with Erin Gates Design for over 3 years on our home in Dover.  Before becoming a client, I had been following Erin on Instagram and loved her design style. I didn’t realize that she was a Boston-based designer until one day I saw a picture she posted at a lake near her home. At that point I decided – she’s so close – I have to meet her!

    When I met Erin, I was ready to make some big changes in our home.  The style of our home didn’t match my own personal style and the house also felt very unfinished.  I needed to work with a designer who would help me with small design decisions – such as a paint color or hardware change – but also with major changes such as an entire kitchen renovation.  I was looking for someone who would mix my existing furnishings with new and fresh ideas and in other instances put together a completely new look.

    Working with Erin has been amazing in every way.  She designed several rooms in our home and came up with exactly what I was looking for.  She understands the look I am trying to achieve and then infuses it with her own unique ideas (totally the icing on the cake!).  Once Erin finalizes a design and sends me a design board to review, she and her team are happy to do the shopping for me or, when available, send me links to allow me to purchase items on my own.  I love how they have mixed high end pieces with affordable pieces to keep me within my budget.

    Anyone who reads Erin’s blog or book knows that she makes you feel like she’s a long-time friend who you can just chat with about design ideas — or really anything.  Even though Erin is so well known, incredibly successful and unbelievably busy (how DOES she do it all?!?!), she continues to give me the same attention as a client.  She’s always responsive and never leaves me hanging. I cannot wait to continue working with Erin on a few more rooms in our house and hopefully someday on a vacation home!”

    Full Interior

    Pitch Perfect

    “EGD’s magic has made our home more comfortable, stylish, functional, and welcoming than I ever could have dreamed up. Without exaggerating the slightest amount, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t silently thank the EGD team for their pitch-perfect input and guidance. I loved working with the whole EGD team, and found Erin’s receptiveness, honesty, and collaborative style to be exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for. We initially contacted EGD about helping with one or two rooms, and soon we’d signed them on for almost the entire house. Erin has taught us a great deal about the process of designing a home and we feel so lucky that we had the chance to work with her and her team.”

    Full Interior


    “I am so happy to be in our home day in and day out and a big part of that is because I love the way it looks- simply said- it makes me happy. We receive so many compliments on the way the house looks from pretty much everyone who enters! I think this speaks to the difference between a regular person with good taste saying they will decorate the home themselves vs having a professional come in and do it. I like to imagine I have good taste but I NEVER could have made the rooms look half as good as Erin. Erin and team are professionals who understand spacing, proportion, sizing, color, texture etc (and how to combine all of it) in a way that creates something magical. My husband and I both agree that it is one of the best decisions we ever made- and yes its expensive- but it’s our life day in and day out and we will never regret the money we spent. We are so thankful to Erin and the team for the designs that they have created and for the ease and enjoyment that comes with executing them.”



    “We worked with Erin and her team to decorate our house and on 3 renovations. They have created a beautiful space that feels like us while also being durable for our 2 young boys. Despite the distance between our home and Erin, the process was seamless. The team is available at all times, is super responsive and very thoughtful.”



    “Erin and her team have helped me create my dream home – twice! Or course her style and taste are flawless but just as important is how she partnered with me in the process. Erin strikes a great balance of listening to my ideas while pushing me to consider new concepts that I would never consider. And of course those elements become my favorite part of the design. Erin is a great advisor on how to budget and where to invest and appreciate her ability to find quality design at various price points. I am confident that when I purchase my next home – Erin will be my first call!”

    Full Interior

    Kid Friendly

    “As a stay at home mom of three young children- the home is a place where I spend an extraordinary amount of time. In embarking on this project I knew that we needed a home that was functional for young children but I also knew that I wanted to be surrounded by spaces that were beautiful and sophisticated. Erin has been able to execute those two seemingly opposing concepts beautifully. Having young children does not mean you can not have a beautiful home or nice things. In fact some of the most gorgeous rooms in the house are the kids bedrooms.”